Love & Lust

29 Jan

Hahaha what I am going to write is a little bit fuzzy and outrageous. At first, I would like to publish this post on my Tumblr, but let this be my first post in here, hahaha.

I’ve seen a lot of relationships between men and women, in real life, comic books, novels, movies, and even experienced it by myself. Many of them still see a grey area between Love and Lust.

I gotta say those two things are different!

People usually related love to sex. If you love a person, then it’s fine to have sex with him or her. Of course you still make some boundaries to keep safe, especially for someone ilegally permitted to do with ( read : not your wife or husband under vow and law ).

In religion, we also have been told that ‘lust’ is one of The 7 Deadly Sins (Sloth, Wrath, Glutonny, Envy, Lust, Greed, Pride).

But we also knew that a deep emotion called ‘love’ almost approximately toward physical interaction, in this case, I am going to write my thoughts about relationship in a couple of human. This physical interaction usually started from a deep intimate emotion where in one point it had ‘lust’ included which could increase gradually over interaction term. But can we just say it is passion rather than desire, which has an almost equal meaning with lust?

Based on, ‘passion’ is a strong amorous feeling or desire; love; ardor; an instance or experience of strong love or sexual desire, etc. But if we relate this ‘passion’ with lust, we’ll have ‘desire’ more proper to define a strong uncontrollable feeling. ( okay, this is only my own opinion. )

So, is it wrong to connect love and lust??

I didn’t say it’s wrong, but it’s just a two-different-stuff.

For me, ‘lust’ is when your hormone increased over someone, you did ‘something’ and you excluded feeling of love while you’re doing it, you barely couldn’t control your own body, and there’s Belphegor whispering on you to do what you shouldn’t do so carelessly, you might regret or don’t care at all after you did it.

And ‘love’, a simply thing which could make you grumpy, anxious, broken-hearted, hovering, smiling suddenly without any reason, you still had conscience while everything seemed obscure and barely uncontrollable, illogical feeling that emerged without any warning, a ‘thin-slicing’ of under conscious mind which tells you “he/she is just what I’ve been looking for!”, complexity of something that’s very simple.

What I am going to say next is seriously only my own opinion, whether you want to agree or reject it, it’s your decision. I didn’t tend to persuade you in any cost.

Love has a strong relation with lust. But still they are different things. Loving someone is giving something you have without expecting reciprocity. Lusting someone is taking something you possess to have in return of something you gave. For example, a boy and a girl fell in love each other. At first, it’s all about liking each other, adoring each other, caring about each other. When it came to physical contact, they got intimate gradually. Holding hands, hugging, cheek-kissing, forehead-kissing, lip-kissing, french-kissing, and so on, and on, and on ( yeah, imagine it by yourself ). At first, all they have was love. They gave love to each other sincerely. When they started lusting each other, they wanted to do ‘taking’ from each other, and got the pleasure of intimate activities of ‘giving’.

The problem in common youngsters and adults is they don’t know when to stop ( like I said before, in this case, they aren’t married ). When lust take control, bye bye love, your job is done. Great pleasure, but also fatal failure if accidentaly something unwanted happens.

But someone said, kissing and hugging are another way to express love. Haha, however, we still can’t separate love and physical contacts. Maybe it’s just about how far you can go before marriage.

In summary, love your partner the way he/she deserve it, sincerely with a good proportion of your heart. If accidently or purposely ‘something’ happen, just let it flow until you feel it’s enough the limit. Well, make some restrictions on your relationship sounds like a good advise to have a happy safe relationship.

Hahahaha, my apology for this kinda trashy abstract spilled thought. Play safe! Ciao~

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