30 Jan

“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.” – Matthew 6:34

Living this life is awfully difficult!

That’s what an unbelievers would say when he got out of the line.

This morning, at church, the preacher was talking about “Seek God’s kingdom first!” So what’s it relation with worries?

We can group ‘worries’ into 3 kinds :

    1. Average worries, ex. A mother worries while her child is swimming.
    2. Extreme worries, ex. Worries over uncertain things, wild imaginary of something bad.
    3. Chronic worries, ex. Paranoia.

Which one are you in?

If you are in the first group, it assigns you as a normal human being. But the habit to be in the first group could gradually make you into the second group, or even worse, the third group.

So, once again, what is the relation between those worries with seek God’s kingdom?

When you worry, you become an unbelievers. You tend to think that you control your own life. You keep thinking what you should do to make everything under your control. You might think that you have enough power to make everything’s right. While in fact, it’s God’s capability.

When you worry, it can keep you away from God. You started to try living life by your own. You don’t rely to God no more. You might start to think that God is no longer important, because what’s important for you is changed into something mundane.

Still can’t get the relation?

Let’s determine what ‘seek God’s kingdom’ is in here.

Seek God’s kingdom has 2 meanings :

    1. Find what belongs to you once.
    What is that? PERFECT LIFE. At the beginning, God created man in a pure condition, until then he fell into sin, he started to worry about living life. This worry keeps man away from God, he count his life on his own. Peace had belonged to us once. Peace, in return of living under God’s hands. Let God lives in you, seek the ‘perfect life’ we had once.
    2. Find what you don’t have.
    Commonly, sinners usually don’t have consciousness to seek for God’s kingdom though they don’t have it. God grants you His kingdom, God gives you what you don’t have. So seek it, search it, find it, ask for it, for it’s already there for you if you deign for it.

Therefore, never let these worries ruin your focus! ( focus –> seek God’s kingdom )
For God feeds the birds and shines the flowers in the field, for He nurtures all of His creations perfectly, no one He abandons.
Don’t you worry about today, for God is nurturing you!

God bless you~

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