01 Feb

“Bathroom is where your inspiration came from”

Hahaha, maybe we often hear these words as a joke from people around us. Somehow, 15 minutes we spent in bathroom could bring out an idea and new thoughts. The sound of flowing water from shower or faucet, the flavor of soap or shampoo that immerses, activities without thinking, the freshness of interaction between water and our skin, everything brings us to a clearer serenely mind.

This is also what I experienced while I was taking a bath. All of a sudden, a thought emerged from a word that spilled from one of my friends this afternoon. I hastily finished my bath and turned on my laptop ( not for doing my assignments, I prefer blogging, hahahaa ).

The word that flashed on my mind is “DREAM

What’s the matter with dream?

I don’t know why, that ‘dream’ word often sounds awkward in my ears. Either it’s all because I am a too realistic person nor pessimistic, I don’t understand. It’s been such a long time I’m shun from what you called ‘dream’. Next I am going to tell you my romantic-tragic relationship with dream. This is how the story goes.

When I was in kindergarten, kids those days often got questioned from their teacher, “What do you want to be when you’re grown up, kids?” And they were stampeding each other to answer, “Doctor! Teacher! Soldier! Pilot! Fireman!” and other ‘heroes’ you could mention. Do you know what happened to me? I confused the hell out what to answer. Hahaha, pathetic to know kid in that age didn’t know what to dream. Well, because of seeing my dad as an engineer, I joined the group of kids whom yelled, “Engineer!” Parents have a great effect against their children’s ideas and ideals, especially in that age of growth.

Move to elementary school, I was still longing to an ideals “becoming an engineer” just like my dad. I was categorized as a smart diligent kid, because in my childhood, my mom taught me really hard. Repeatedly, I became the winner of the class, to the point that I felt accustomed and this stuff wasn’t special anymore ( I don’t tend to be arrogant ), which those days, many kids wanted to be in my place, being their names called to stand on the stage and exhibit their thropies. Like primary school children, I spent my school’s life with studying and playin. My dream changed from future-status into something tangibled material. I wanted to have handphone. Yeah, this was the most possible dream could emerge in a thirst-for-technology elementary school girl ( that’s explained why I got here in ITB, hahaha ). And I achieved it at the first day of my junior high.

Proceeded to a higher level of education, after my success reaching ‘dream’, I started to dream about something else. This time back to the future-status, I wanted to do college in ITB just like my dad ( and praise The Lord I still got the chance to study here with bloody struggle to survive ). Actually, this is just the continuance of my kindergarten dream. Interestingly ( and I called this my romance with dream ), I dreamt of becoming an ASTRONOT. Hahaha, please laugh, or feel pity, or call me anything. But this is a real dream, I really wanted to become an astronot at that time. I’ve once told this dream to my parents, yeah you know what happened next, they laughed and shook their heads ( this is the tragic part of my romance with dream ). But I didn’t give a damn, I still want to go to Space with that white-astronot-typical suit like we see in Hollywood movies. And guess what? I even wrote this dream on an entrance test to senior high, where the result said, “Better for you to start thinking in a more realistic way.” Ahahaha, it’s a cruel result if I may say, killed dreams.

Here comes the time to let me go in wandering. Yep, I wandered sooner than my friends commonly. I studied in Magelang, while I actually lived in Jakarta. I had dreamed about studying in Japan. I learned to be a more rational and realistic person. I forgot my dream to become an astronot. I even had planned a timeline of my life until year 2030, but it’s all remained memories by now, hahaha. Yeah, that was the time when I stopped dreaming. Not because I was a pessimistic individual, I just got in the group of people whom living their life without any purpose as long as they happy, full, and peace.

Finally, I went to college ( just where I’ve dreamt when I was in kindergarten ). The word ‘dream’ gradually disappeared from my dictionary of life. Those days, I was dating a soldier ( I can’t blame this was happened for most of my high school colleague continued their study to academy of military ). Like every woman in my age with a boyfriend, I thought about marriage. All I’ve been thingking about was adjusting my future into his future. Then gone, all vanished, all of my dreams even the little ones from my fantasies.

But looks like God didn’t permit me to stop dreaming ( I called this one my romance with dream again ), for I ended up my relationship. I went back on dreaming, and somehow my dreams increase dramatically. My dreams became more ‘dreamy’. I dream to travel around the world at least before I die. My dream supports me to learn many foreign languages, especially Europe’s. And there are other dreams I can’t mention here. The point is, after through all of these phases, I can back to dream. And what I earned, dream is hilarious. It’s true that we don’t know whether our dream would come true or not, and even worse if people scornful our dreams. But guess what, a bliss of dreaming is God’s gift granted for us. I still remember my days without dreams, just like living aimless live, empty. So here’s my little advice for you :


Believe it or not, genius, successful people, happy people, are those who have dream. And with efforts and prays, hopefully these dreams would become true. Happy dreaming, fellas!

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

– Walt Disney

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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