Sharing in A Supper

01 Feb

I’ve just got back from my super supper with three of my friends ( Fransiska Putri Wina, Rachmat Arifin, and Fitrandi Ramadhan ). Another thing that I love to do is sharing. And today’s supper brought a lot of stories of other people’s experiences, ideas, and ideals. I found that sharing could give you happiness. What I called ‘happiness’ in here is :

    1. I can pour my ideas and gather more ideas.
    I can share my mind to others, motivate others, give advises, while I learn from others, and do introspection about myself.
    2. I interact with others.
    Believe it or not, interaction with other people could give you pleasure that you couldn’t achieve by yourself. Guess it’s true that human is a social individual.
    3. I spent my time with something wasting but necessary.
    Well, not wasting at all cost for the pleasure that I got. In my opinion, sharing is an important part of my life. That’s why I wish kind of nerd or anti-social people could feel the joy that I got from sharing ( if you one of them, I advice you to start sharing with others ).

Sharing is a great pleasure and habit for a becoming success person ( hahaha, please let me dreaming ). So guys, lift your ass up and go out! Life is a more wonderful-exciting-astonish-colorful thing out there if you aware.

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Posted by on February 1, 2011 in Life


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