16 Feb

Okay, this story is about my own personal love life. So I can be sure this is a true story based on reality hahaha.

I kinda have a habit. Let’s say this habit is called ‘copycat’. Well not really copycat at all, just adapting my environment. Somehow I just did it under my conscious. I can’t repeat the same style of someone I’d just talked with in an hour. I can use a new word I like that I heard from someone. I can use it several times, even for a period. Haha I know this is strange, but it’s just the way I adapt under conscious.

So that’s the same thing happened in my love life. I could love if someone love me first. But it still depends. Usually ‘he’ is someone I’d liked once before, or just fitting my heart too damn well. But still it depends on God’s hands. Now, if ‘he’ intends to be close to me, I’ll approach. If ‘he’ opens his hands, I’ll hold them tight. If ‘he’ avoids me, I’ll go. If ‘he’ just wants to be nothing, in my mood, I’ll be. The point is, I will adapt. I can say I live my life too haphazard but still with brain. I’m not easy or what, just free as a bird. I’ll follow my soul whatever she wants to be. That’s the thing that I believed in. Because life is too beyond belief, extraordinary, unpredictable, mysterious, challenging, mature, novelty, awesome.

Sometimes I curse my ‘adapting’ habit for too easily changing my mood and heart. I could be really loyal, and at a moment, I could forget all of this with an engagement or any kind of occurrences. Haha this is just too funny when I remember all the things happened related to ‘adapting’ stuffs.

Indeed, I just want to share about myself. Well, I didn’t have any purpose to disseminate my ‘bad’ (can you say it is bad??) habit or persuade you to be careless and apathetic. I’m telling you, life is too short to be wasted. Don’t be afraid of novelty. Don’t be afraid of trying. If you’re just as young as me (21 is still ‘young’ right? Haha), don’t be afraid of making mistake. It’s a lesson to be grown up. It’s a lesson of life. It’s an experience that you might have only once in a lifetime. Don’t you want to have a lot of stories to be told to your generation in the future? 😉

Blessed you, people!

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Posted by on February 16, 2011 in Just Saying, Life


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