Principles : Strong and Temporal Kind

16 Feb

There are two kinds of principle.

The first one is, core principle.
These principles are made with awareness of their consequences and have strong roots that hard-broken. For example : religions, faiths, beliefs, vows.
This kind, is the last thing that might still save your logic and conscience working above every temptation and uncontrolled moment. It’s essential, your core of soul and mind.

The second kind is mere principle.
Well they are still principles, but kind of temporal-breakable-principles. They might keep you in the right track, but they don’t last for too long. Too easy to be changed. Environment, people, problems, conditions, science, could easily change it or even break it.
For example : a principle not dating opposite sex from another beliefs.

So, don’t you worry if you’d broken some of your old principles. Maybe they’re just the ‘mere principle’ type. It doesn’t mean that you can’t commit to your own principles. Maybe they just don’t fit in no more, or it’s just about the time to change, or they never really worked at the first place.

I’m not saying this as an excuse for might break my own principle. It’s just… changed. It would never stay the same for all the time. People change, the world change, every living rotating things change. And still, as usual, it’s another lesson to be mature.

Never regret, people!
It’s useless and painful..

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Posted by on February 16, 2011 in Life


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