Hashtag – Tentative

12 Mar

“Little girl, the best way to cure your heart’s to gouge it right out, take it apart,” he said, laughingly, as I laughed along and ran my hand down my chest, “I can’t seem to find it.”

Good to see, my arms and legs, though limply, they hang onto me, I guess out of habit. Effortlessly, the walls I built crumble, turn into debris, and all the while you smile and leave all behind.

Pressing ice against the pain doesn’t take it away; it comes back and haunts you in the dead of day, when you least expect it.

“Pretty thing, you’ll smile when you reminisce ’bout the you you are now, you survive somehow. It’s just like a bad dream; think of this universe and how small we seem in it; all of this will fade back into the dark.”

But I’m wide awake, and this is Earth, and it’s my heart you’re talking ’bout. Yes you’re right, you’re always right, if you’re so smart then how can’t you see? What a mess I’ve become.

I could put away my pride, I could throw it away, but that’s not who I am; I can’t force you to stay. I could push aside my shame, I could stand in your way, but that’s not who I am. I can’t force you to stay when you’re nowhere near me.

lyrics by @cilsat.

performed by @HashtagOfficial.

go to this page to listen.

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Posted by on March 12, 2011 in Life, Romance, Songs


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