Do Something or Nothing?

17 Mar

Taken from my post on Tumblr, November 23rd, 2010.

There are only two kind of choices : with risk or without risk, whether you do something or nothing.
Ok, that’s another thought which randomly pop out from my mind.

Have you ever felt dilemma? When you’re in a situation that you had to choose, whether did something or nothing, and you really had to choose.

Well, here is the case.

You have only one brain. One mind. Now let it filled with mind stuffs such as lecture, tasks, love, life, friendships, past, present, future, etc. How to handle all of these stuffs??

There’s only one solution : CHOOSE!

Take a priority, which one is the more important in your life. You’ll never know, whether your decision is the best or not. There’s nothing right or wrong about that, only God knows. And everything happened just the way God has made the path, it’s depend on how you believe in Him.

That’s why I’m telling you, it’s all about taking the risk or not. DO SOMETHING, or just DO NOTHING.

Every decision has its own consequences

But because you have only one life time, spend it wisely. Think before you choose. But too much mind is not always good. Sometimes you just have to let it happens the way it supposed to be.

And this is my last simple quote of happy life guide :

When your mind can’t find the answer, then maybe it’s about the time you should just listen to your heart.

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