31 Mar

First of all, just to make sure there’s no miscomprehension, I will declare that what’s written below is purely my own opinion and experiences without any intention to offense some certain people or what. Ok? Peace! 😀

Since I lived in this college life, I found a gaffe in mindset, attitude, nature, instinct, or whatever it is that people of my environment have. Well, I don’t know whether it’s just because I’m not accustomed with this condition or what. Ok, let’s go to the point, this is about RACISM. Not only restricted unto the Chinese like we used to live with, but also to other foreigner such as ‘bule’, Negro, or any race that’s different with the majority where they live.

My first viewpoint that I got is about how my environment facing ‘bule’. Ok, I admit there’s a problem in language, perhaps not everyone can speak English fluently. Due to this, they are reluctant to communicate with them. However, I see that sometimes, extremely incident occurs and prosecutes this racism thing. For example, in my last semester, there was an exchange student from Netherland who would take class for a semester with us. Language is the most acute constraint in communication, it’s true. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that if the foreigner sit beside you then you’ll just move to another seat and leave those seats next to him empty just like that. Or blame his coming to the class like he was an intruder from another space just because the class will be in English. I mean, you can discuss this problem openly without the need of showing hatred in mailing list or what. Mmm, it’s a public media, hello?? Instead of that, you can nicely discuss it with your lecturer, right? These kind of things often annoyed my vista, because basically in my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with someone “not us” existences in our environment. We’re all human and students, why should race, skin colour, or nationality become a matter anymore?

Next infelicity that occurs in my environment is how “my people” regard the Chinese. I felt weird several times with this utterance : “Dih, why everyone got narrow eyes in here?” or “O.M.G. Chinese everywhere! So lame.” or any kind of sarcasm or cynical expression. Honestly, pardon me, I’ve been once for a while become those kind of people, well not because of any racism thought, just another factor that underlies my inappropriate expression. Yeah, stupid old love story, haha. Back to topic, hmmm, then what if China all over the place? I mean, yet they talk Indonesian too, right? So what the difference is? Ok, everyone have their own rights how they regard other. Me personally, I grew up in diverse environments. From my childhood to Junior High School, I studied in a place where the Chinese and indigenous had ratio 3:2. Went to High School, although not many Chinese in my place, one of my best friends was Chinese, and all indigenous were so friendly with them. Indeed, I like the spirit of willing to work hard and never give up from Chinese. Well, not disguise that famous parsimony of Chinese, but for me, it’s back again to the person itself. Because I had to a VERY GENEROUS AND SINCERE Chinese friends, really. I feel odd, why we should be seperated? I didn’t mean we’re not friends or we’re hostile like what, but at least, we’re supposed to not act like as if they were someone else. Like for example, I greet my Chinese friends and then my other friends start to tease me or……hmm, why don’t you just greet them too, yet they’re our friends too, right? Well, perhaps, different person, different personality. I like to greet anybody as long as I knew them, aside from the quality of our friendship.

Thus are my briefly words about racism. In summary, this kind of wall often causes disunity and unreasonable hatred so easily among us. Whereas, actually it is us who create this wall by our own, just because of the values we obtained from our background. Different religions, ethnics, races, nationalities is not a proper excuse to create the wall of universally humanitarian values. We are all the same human being, right? So stop judging people by their appearances.

Make love, not war! Ciao 🙂

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