“?” : Tanda Tanya, a Film by Hanung Bramantyo

14 Apr

Director : Hanung Bramantyo
This movie tells us story of religious differences taken from three view-side of religion, Islam, Catholic, and Buddha. Setting in Semarang, Central Java, where the diversity of religions and races live together.

Submission of the mandate is displayed very slick by Hanung, how he represents the positives and negatives side of each religion. So balanced, touching, and open our view-side of how we’re supposed to live in religious tolerance. Very honest, open on the facts that are happening in Indonesia. Too heavy for people who don’t have an open mind and don’t want to explore more about the world beyond. Really fascinating for those who are not narrow-minded, to see how someone so bravely convey the meaning of a life if religious harmony.

Indeed, many sides oppose the publishing of this movie, because it’s too “bold” and controversial, considering our country is quite sensitive in raising religion topic. Well it can’t be blamed, the emergence of the pros and cons like this. But what I’m disappointed about is the existence of those who shut their minds to get to know something deeper. I mean, in here is shown not only the bad sides of a religion, but also the good ones which lifted a religion. How people whom become role models in religions can play a role so wisely in dealing with conflict within religious differences. How it’s described that we don’t live alone with our own religion, but how to appreciate our neighbors of different religions, not to expect replies, but because it’s good intentions that we want to do to others. How choosing a choice in life is taking great courage, and living it whole-heartedly hopefully will always lead us to something wonderful. How it’s described that basically, every religion is good, just human indeed who should be smart in interpret the mandate in it.

I, by myself, am very amazed with this Mr. Hanung Bramantyo’s masterpiece. Honestly, this movie is really neat and nice, seriously in convey the mandate without forgetting the funny and interesting sides of each character. In my opinion, I really recommend everyone to watch this movie, so then our vision can be more open with realities and hopes of everybody living in harmony. But if you’re a kind of those who can’t accept changes, criticisms, or any form of “unusual” of what might have been incepted in yourself, get ready to enjoy emotions and piques while watching it.

I didn’t pursue you to accept raw of this movie, neither didn’t the movie. But what’s wrong with making this movie a tool for all of us to introspect ourself?

Nothing’s perfect in this world 🙂

SALUTE to Hanung Bramantyo!

This movie is really SUPER! AMAZING! BEAUTIFUL!

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