My Mobile Phones’ History

21 May

This post is inspired by one of my friends, Ardisaz 😀

Below is my list of mobile phones whom have accompany my adolescenthood.

1. Samsung R220

This is the first mobile phone I ever had with a great struggling. If you ever read my old post “Dreams“, I had mentioned how I wished to have my own mobile phone, and my mother told me to be number one in my elementary school’s graduation exam. Yet I was number two, therefore I only got second hand’s mobile phone with a noisy-ringtone-and-needed-to-be-set-silent-before-shut-it-off-to-make-sure-there-wouldn’t-be-any-noise-when-I-turned-it-on-again-in-the-class. Because in my junior high school, NO ACTIVE MOBILE PHONE DURING CLASSES, or you would pay the consequence (the teacher would take your phone and keep it).

2. Nokia 3200

I bought this one by myself :’)
This was my first colorful phone, with changeable casing which I could create by myself. I made my own case with a picture of Eminem’s Tattoo, but in reverse color.

Hoho, I was once a big fan of him 😀

3. Nokia 5210

This one was granted from my brother, because he went to boarding high school. But I used it to when I’m in high school (though I’m ini the same boarding high school too). I like it’s design, sporty at those times, and especially, SLAM RESISTANT ! ahahahaha

4. Nokia 2626

This one I “stealed” from my mother, haha. Once my Mom came to visit me in high school, I asked her to switch mine (Nokia 5210) with hers (this one), because I need a slimmer phone to let it easier hidden in “someplace” –> my girls in high school might understand what I mean ;p

5. Nokia N76

I love this phone so much!
I’d always wanted to have flip type mobile phone since a long time. And this one, besides of it’s elegant red color, it’s front side has multifunction as mirror, hoho. I still use this mobile phone until now.

6. Blackberry Bold 9000

My first smartphone. My parents allowed me (even suggested me -,-) to buy this one since my Pops got it from his office.
I kinda hate it’s scroll-ball which was soooooo easy to get dirty and jammed. Even I had it’s silver part for scrolling was broken so I need to change both the silver and the ball. Pretty extravagant.

7. Blackberry Onyx 2 (Bold 9700)

Because my old Boldy’s performance was slower more each time after I updated it’s OS into 5.0, I decided to buy a newer one. I granted the last one to my little brother, and bought this one on it’s premiere launch day in Indonesia, haha. I had to wait for 3 hours for it’s arrived at the store =.=

8. Nokia N8

I got this one for free from Nokia after my succeed to win Tap That Application 2010 competition by Nokia. Actually, I’m no longer interested with Nokia’s products, for now I’m really excited with Apple’s products. But since I got it for free, so I’m using it as developing tools :p

And that’s all my mobile phones’ history for now.
I never had a chance to taste Android platform, still wondering which one might be awesome to try, maybe someday. 🙂

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