The Last Day of My Life

16 Jun

Let’s say, what if tomorrow never comes?

What if, the second that I have now, is the only second I have left.

The last past two weeks, I had two sad news about somebody passed away. The first one is my senior from high school, Jayanti Purnasiwi or Jhe. She had a broken liver, because she tended to not drink water after hard work out. The second person is my friends’ friend name Ari Yanni, who passed away after a terrible accident falling from a bus and had her head collided straight to pavement. Her skull was broken, her brain was damaged, and she couldn’t make it through.

Both of them, still in the age of twenty, the age where a woman is supposed to blossom and become such a distraction for many gentlemen.

Broken liver after chronic dehydrate, in such an early age. How many of you guys who really is living the healthy life? Like drinking at least 1,5 litre water a day, or taking frequently exercise, or just sleep well and eat good? It was such a little thing, but often occurred, day by day became habit, phobia, then just about the time, everything was just too late.

Good for all of us. Though life is in God’s hand, if it’s about keeping healthy life, we still can do something. We can start doing something good for our own. Maybe less insomnia (then what am I doing now?haha), more water, more exercise, more vegetables and fruits, less fat, less stress, etc.

But what the thing that made me wonder, what if the accident comes and ZAP!! ~goodbye, world.

Like the thing happened to Ari Yanni, our dear partner in surviving.

It was your first/second/third/fourth/n-th day of a new “adult world”, practically working in some company, living the “real life”. You were so excited, you were fine, healthy, wealthy, happy, full of spirit. You were so young, charming, adorable, less potential of being hatred. You got many friends, loving kind family, good academic environment, great God. What else could be missed? But then just like ZAP!! You were fell of the bus, your head was hit, and it was miserable disaster. At that time.

At the time, it might be the last second you got. And with the announcement I got this night, it really was. I’m sad, I’m really sorry to hear that. But then thanks to you, that I learned, nothing really in this world, NOTHING, ever absolutely in human’s hand. Especially, time, and life.

“What if, the second that I have now, is the only second I have left?”

That is my question on the second line of this passage.

Maybe, at this kind of time, in case that happened (well I don’t wish for that to happen, I just believe nothing is impossible), the only regret that I might have is for being totally dishonest.

This is not just about some cheesy-love-life, actually this is about living.

I might regret for being dishonest, in every attitude to my parents, with the way I yelled and mad on them. I love my parents, but that’s just the common way kids show their love to their parents, right? By yelling, being angry, or crying. I wish that I can show them how much I love them.

I might regret for being dishonest, to my life, what I really want to do in this life. Deep condolence to myself, I haven’t figure out yet what my passion really is. I might had something in this life that I really want to be and want to do, but the reality already took them away. I wish I still can make some true.

I might regret for being dishonest, to people I love, about how much I care. It takes great courage to admit the way I feel, I’m just not usually to say or show them. How I’m going to keep it, it’s another survival life I’m going to struggle with. Be grateful, for someone might be care much about you, that means you’re meaning to someone.

This is not a testament I made for being in any change of losing life, hahaha, I’m not that pessimistic. I just want to share, what might be my regret for this world when I’m leaving, at any time I hadn’t made differences. Maybe you have some in yours, you can use it to reflect on yourself.

Time is priceless. Chance is precious.
Use them good and wisely 🙂

Rest in Peace, beloved fellow God’s creations.

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