Karma of The Past Deed

30 Jun

mmmm, nothing really special about what I’m going to write today.
Well due to this is my blog, so I think it’s fine to write about myself, again, haha.

I’m kinda thinking that I’ve been a mean woman.
I feel guilty for the ones I’d dumped or just whom’s feelings I can’t accept. I keep thinking that every person have the right to like or love anybody, even hate somebody. And meanwhile, I’m acting like nothing’s matter, even though I realize what’s going on.

I’m an egoistic. I’d tried to be nice, but when it’s bother me, I become apathetic. I can’t stand being something I don’t like, or just seizes my freewill. And sometimes, most of times, accidentally, I hurt someone. The ones that I’d never meant to hurt, if only they could understand my intention.

Well I get my own karma several times. A little one, a medium burden, or a great desperately pain. I take it as my karma, for hurting someone in the past. That’s how I’m trying to be fine getting through it. I’d like to call it, “PAY MY DEBT“. Haha, Buddha really taught me something.

Lately, I’m undergoing my karma periode. Well, I don’t know how long it will take, I’ll achieve it as my precious experience. Maybe that’s why I have no intention of any relationship soon. I still need to learn to manage myself.

Haha, OK, let’s stop this here before I’m going too far.

Au revoir.

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Posted by on June 30, 2011 in Life, Romance


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