Collateral Damage

28 Sep

So this is a pathetic story of my life.

Once upon a time, there’s a boy, who accidentally had a crush on me. Well, I didn’t say I don’t like him, but instead, I just had him as my friend, and that’s it, no further more. We occasionally often went together, but actually I felt that it was the same things as I did with my male best friends. I never thought it would go misinterpreted like that, so, let’s skip about that.

The point is, why I gave the title of this post “Collateral Damage” is because of the impact of being someone’s crush. Unfortunately, the boy is kind of popular and had many girls had crush on him. Well, my bad luck, being the hated one. But the thing is, I really HATE being hated unreasonably just because someone had something on me. Well, girls, that’s not my bad, okay? If there was a boy who seems like really nice to girls, can you had it in your mind that means he did that to EVERY girl not only me? And about how someone feels toward somebody like crush, it has never been the crushed one’s fault.

My apologize for being kind of emotionally in here. I just want to let everyone concerns about kindness. Not just girls, but boys also. If the opposite sexes are being nice with you, or caring, or anything that soothes you, comforts you, just don’t be so easily get the wrong idea of it. That way maybe it’s just a habit, or a pure heart of kindness of someone, that goes for everyone, not only you. Be cold minded, don’t get to rush in conclusion. And hating someone just because he/she is close to your crush, won’t change the fact that your crush is actually feels comfortable with him/her for being understandable and appreciating the values of FRIENDSHIP.
Got it??! *haha :p*

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Posted by on September 28, 2011 in Just Saying


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