My Cool Friendship

31 Oct

I adore my friends.

My friends are the people that bring out the best of me. They appreciate the existences of one another, and we do really have fun together. My friends, who accompany my days, every single day of my college life, are really cool and sophisticated. They know how to make the bad memories turn into something really funny and can make me laughing on the floor. They speak frankly to each other, and that’s how we grown up together. They teach me how to enjoy life, how to appreciate myself, how to erase the pain, how to heartened to forgive and sincere. My days with you, guys, are the best laughing and joy I can have in this rocky road for my future. I really love you, guys! :’D

(left-right) Imam - Desfri - Biyan - Saski - Me

P.S : the team is not complete yet..waiting for the next shoots with my other cool mates 😀

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Posted by on October 31, 2011 in Life


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