Precious Special Day

03 Nov

I was going to write this post right on the day of my big day, but unfortunately I was too tired.

Yes, the first day of November is my birthday. And this year, I had another special birthday ever!

First of all, I would like to thank my high school mates, my part of Galau Gank. To my dear Cshesha Haditia Putri, Made Satyadhira Madalila, Muhammad Haiqal, and Andreas Renard Widarto, who made a special martabak surprise, haha. Although we’re about to give Albi a birthday surprise, but you guys still prepared for a surprise for me. It was unfortunate that Ninis, Ridho, and Jaer couldn’t come along. Thanks for coming to pick me up, giving the first surprise of my birthday, and for the special cheese martabak. Love you, guys! :*

Last piece of the cheese martabak

The next are my Infinity08 mates. Thank you for placing my poster all over Labtek V and Borju. Now I really am “exist”! Hahaha.

And for the Congo surprise, I would like to thank most of all to my beyb, Chairul Ichsan, for picking me up at my place, driving me to Congo, guiding me to the surprise table, and organizing all of the event with my dearest sister, Saskya Irena. I love you both! :*
And to Roy Indra Hartanto for the strawberry cheese cake, to Yudi Retanto for the message on my chocolate board, and to Desfrianta Salmon Barus, that you guys are the remain ones for this surprise, haha.

Blowing the surprise cake

Also to M. Ikhsandana Siregar, Gemala Wiradinta, Tezza Lantika Riyanto, Samudera Harapan Bhekti, Niki Tsuraya Yaumi, Krisnaldi Eka Pramudita, Imam Kurnia Putra, Fransiska Putri Wina, Romi Kharisnawan, Biyan Satyanegara, Karina Novita Suryani Hardono, and M. Maulana Abdullah, thank you for sparing your time and coming to enliven this special day. This was just too sweet. You guys are so cool! :’) *hugs*

Beloved friends

Last but not least, thanks to my beyb once more, for making me a princess for a day. You’re not an unworthy man, ‘cause you’re my super dearest friend, and you really made my special day became precious!

First cake

Thanks for all those who have congratulated me, thanks for the prayers, the surprises, and contributions on my big special precious day. 😀


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2 responses to “Precious Special Day

  1. cshe

    May 1, 2014 at 12:33 am

    Der, gue lg googling nama gue di internet terus ketemu blog ini. Blog lo bikin kangen bandung dan bikin kangen elo jugaaa (padahal baru ketemu). Nice blog derrr!

    • deravn

      May 1, 2014 at 12:41 am

      Hahaha maacih Cessss,iya banget padahal baru ketemu. Emang ngangenin banget Bandung,bikin susah move on :’)


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