Fear of judgment

16 Nov

I did a simple thing today, but I’ve learnt something new.
I cooked chocolate pudding plus its fla for my bestie. Well, this is because a promise I made for the last one was failed so I couldn’t bring it for him. And that’s how I gave it to him today at secretariat HMIF (where I and my friends usually spend spare time for neither doing our assignments or just laughing all day long).

I didn’t know why but today there so many of my friends were already here. Well then, absolutely, they tasted too my finally-succeed-chocolate-pudding. Wow, I really was scared of their critics. Indeed, cooking is not my specialty, and I didn’t wish I could do it well this time (even just for a pudding -__-).

This is a simple thing that might be happened in our daily life. You might find the similar things like your boss scolds you when your work is bad, your friend disrespects you for your weakness, your community doesn’t regard you for your “meaningless” contribution, or something like that.

A critics, a judgment, is really something that can scare you to death. It might make you lose your spirit, your self-esteem, your passion, your motivation, etc. But if you take it as something to improve you not as just a mocking from others, then it might affect you the reverses.

So, don’t be afraid of judgment. Just put a smile every time you hear it. A research says, an expression you make on your face can effect the emotion you feel inside (I forgot whether it was Blink or Tipping Point of Malcolm Gladwell who said this).

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