Reach Your Dream While You Can

23 Nov

A while ago, when it was 20.11.2011, everybody said, “wow, what a cool date. There must be many people having something special on this day! :D” But unfortunately, it wasn’t special in a “happy” context for some people.

Well, one of my dearest friends, Adam Ardisasmita, had lost his father on this day. I was pretty shocked. Even though I never knew his father, or even met him, I imagined how my friend would feel and suddenly felt the heartbroken. I imagined a sudden lost without any preparation like that, and it was sad.

I went to his place the next day after with some of my friends to give him a little support. We knew it must be hard, we hope our little intention would lift him up at that time. And thanks God, they are a strong family, I’m sure they can get through this moment. 🙂

Then this is the time, when I am, for once again, thinking what would it be if it was happened to me and my family?

The lost of the father, is like the lost of your most trustable man in the whole world. I always have in my mind, one day, I will marry a man like my father. Papa (that’s how I call my father) is the one and only provider in our family, Mom is a housewife. Pops do the hard work everyday to bring home the money, so we can use it for our needs. Pops hits the traffic days and nights, goes having business trip almost every week, spend more than 8 hours at the office, around 4 hours on the road, and still working at home or even helping with the house work. I can’t imagine how exhausted he could be. So then on the weekend, he will definitely use it for resting.

Pops is our family’s patriarch and backbone. And my brother, even though he is the eldest, he hasn’t work yet due to his school. So that’s why, I can’t imagine the day like Adam’s has if it was me.

My Mom will definitely need me back home, for I’m the only daughter in this family. People say, “the best thing to have a daughter in the family is there will be at least someone to take care of you when you’re old”. And in this case, it will be my duty. But how could I do that when I’m still having my study in another town, and yet I still want to take my further study in another country. Well, my dream will obviously vanish just in a second. I know I can’t let my Mom alone, she’ll be lonely. It doesn’t mean I don’t trust my brothers, just men has to gain as high as they can because they’re going to be a father.

Thus, now I’m saying this.
Reach your dream while you still can. While there’s still a chance, before it’s just too late. You’ll never know what might happen in the future. And you don’t know, either the same chance will come to you again or not. Second chance only comes to them who are lucky enough to have the God’s gifts. Take it now, or never?

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