Tokyo Connection & Warung Laos

25 Nov

I am really thankful that I’m studying in ITB. Bandung has so many places to eat, and precisely, those places not just for eating, but also can be places for refreshing.

These two days I had my dinner in two different nice places. Yesterday I was having my dinner at a place called Tokyo Connection and just today at Warung Laos.

Tokyo Connection

Location : Jl. Progo No. 5, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
(turn left after Jonas Photo Jl. Riau, near Humming Bird, on the same side with Giggle Box)

This place has 3 areas : smoking on terrace facing the road, non smoking in the middle room, and smoking in the last room. I picked the last room and that place was soooooo cozy just like café/restaurant you’ve seen in K-drama or J-drama. Unfortunately for me, it was a smoking area, so I had to stand some people’s smokes.

This is how the room looks like (sorry if the resolution is bad, I took it with my iPad -_-):

Look-a-like-hood with the one in K-drama or J-drama

Their menu is still so few. Maybe because they’re still having soft opening. But it was written on the menu that they will add more menus, hope it soon, hehe. 😀 The price, well still fits student’s pocket, hehe. They have three kind of flavor for ramen : Soyu (salty), Miso (sweet), and Ramen (spicy). And if you order donburi (rice type menus), you can also order Miso Soup for half price at Rp 5,000.00 (normal price : Rp 10,000.00). And there was also curry rice, sushi, and other Japanese foods.

I ordered Torikatsu Ramen with Soyu-tasted soup and Hot Green Tea Latte. My friends ordered Gyu Donburi, Chicken Katsu Donburi, Miso Soup and hot ocha. My ramen had a really big bowl for it, I could even order no drink anymore, bloating already -_- But it tasted good. And like it was written there on every table, my drink was low in sugar. Thanks they really helped on my diet, hahaha. :p But don’t worry, they still provide sugar on every table.

Torikatsu Soyu Ramen & Hot Green Tea Latte

These are the price I remember :
• Torikatsu Ramen Rp 24,000.00
• Gyu Donburi Rp 22,000.00
• Chicken Katsu Donburi Rp 22,000.00
• Miso Soup Rp 10,000.00
• Hot Green Tea Latte Rp 15,000.00
• Hot Ocha Rp 7,000.00

Warung Laos

Location : Jl. Dago Golf No. 90, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.
(right after passing the turn of Stone Cafe at dago atas)

They have two areas, 1st story and 2nd story. Both of them have beautiful view of Bandung town. The main famous dish of this place is their pizza. They serve thin typical pizza, steak, and some western food. Actually this place also has another branch located at Jl. Prof. Eyckman No. 2, near Cihampelas Street which is also in Bandung. But this place has a lot nicer view.

I went there with my two friends, this is the picture of them :

Roy Indra Haryanto & Saskya Irena

We ordered two kind of pizzas named Salami for the salty pizza, and Banana Blackberry for the sweet one. I ordered Hot Teh Tarik, my friends ordered Susu Jahe and Strawberry juice for beverages. And also later on, one of them ordered some potato snack I don’t remember what it’s called. We came here on the evening, so we could see the sunset. I also took a picture of it. 😀

Banana Blackberry & Salami Pizza

Reddish Sunset @ Warung Laos Dago

Review for the dishes : the pizzas are delicious! I’ve tasted another pizza name Salsica or whatever it was I don’t remember at Warung Laos Cihampelas, and it tasted delicious too. That potato snack had so-so taste, not so special. And you better order hot beverages, because the weather up there was pretty cool and windy.

The serving was OK, they had at least a waiter on every floor. Well today was tend to be quiet, but I don’t know if it was on Saturday night, maybe it would be hard for you to call the waiter.

These are some prices I remember :
• Salami Rp 43,000.00
• Banana Blackberry Rp 37,000.00
• Potato blahblah (I don’t remember :p) Rp 18,000.00
• Hot Teh Tarik Rp 13,000.00
• Susu Jahe Rp 13,000.00
• Strawberry Juice Rp 17,000.00
• Mineral Water Rp 7,500.00

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