Selasar Sunaryo

27 Nov

Location : Jl.Bukit Pakar Timur No.100, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia (higher area of Dago, turn at the Sierra restaurant’s sign, continue until passing CocoRico, on the left side)

The entrance of Selasar Sunaryo

So, this is the third time in a row I had dinner at new place for the last three days, haha 😀

The concept of this place is gallery, with a café for visitor who might be like to relax while enjoying some arts or just the atmosphere there. You can find out more about the gallery at this link :

Hhhh,how happy I am being a student in Bandung 😀 I went there with my fellas from the other day plus one addition. First impression coming there, “Hmm, kind of artistic and cozy place, isn’t it?” On the way to the dining area, we passed fish pond that giving relaxing sensation. So we picked a table near the pond, after moved from the first table because of some smoking women next to us. Roy, one of my friend, his handphone was run out of battery, but luckily there was a handphone charging-self where provided Nokia and Blackberry’s charger. Unfortunately there’s none for apple devices. Also there’s umbrella’s-self. Then at the lower place of dining room, there was some kind of mini-colosseum with a pretty big screen. And lower again, there was a hall for another importance such as private party. Lucky us, there was a private party there with live music, so we could also enjoy it while having our dinner.

These are some pictures of the interior there :

The fish pond is back there

Long dining table interior

Take the menu book, order, and pay here

Oh yeah, what exciting here is you have to take the menu book at the counter by yourself, back to your seat, then choose the menu, back to the counter, order your menu, and directly pay it there. So we can call it a semi-self-service café, haha.

Due to it’s gallery concept, the main dish here is their coffee beverage. They have many variety for copy. Even they put the main course menu on the “Others” page, haha. But don’t worry, their food is also excellent. They serve some interesting fried rice options, also another rice-based dishes that are delicious and will fulfill your stomach. Also there are some bites which are also interesting, and eye-catchy desserts. But if you really want to be satisfy eating there, better prepare more money, well because for student like me the price is pretty expensive, hehe. Only few that have lower prices.

These are some menu that I and my friends order :

    Hot Green Chicken Curry Rp 32,000.00
    Crunchy Salted Fish fried rice Rp 28,000.00
    Red Cabbage fried rice Rp 28,000.00
    Macaroni Meat Sauce Rp 30,000.00
    French Fries Flavored Rp 15,000.00
    Coffe Flavored Choco Mint Rp 28,000.00
    Salasar Milkshake Green Tea Rp 27,000.00
    Ginger Tea Rp 10,000.00
    Mineral Water Rp 5.000,00

And these are some shoots of our order :

Ginger Tea, Salasar Milkshake Green Tea, Coffee Flavored Choco Mint

Crunchy Salted Fish fried rice

Red Cabbage fried rice

Hot Green Chicken Curry

Macaroni Meat Sauce

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