Cheating on Social Media

30 Nov

Today, I accidentally visit someone’s Facebook profile page. There’s written on his wall a post from his girlfriend, which says how mad she is of him because he approved some friends requests from unknown persons, particulary, girls. *Yawn*

I remember there once a story of the same thing, a girl and a boy, living at different places (long distance relationship), and having the same problem on Facebook. Well, maybe the difference is the boy is at the military, so commonly, communication between both of them is pretty damn hard. He can only contact her seldom, and the main cause of the problem is because the only chance he has usually used for “be-friended” with some girls on Facebook. Same thing, different case.

I was annoyed by that post when I read it. Well, in my mind, “sucks”. But then I think, this problem is actually has a one nice solution : if you can’t stand, then just cut it out. I don’t mean if a boy (or opposite side) did that thing then his girl could easily break up with him. Let’s discuss about it first. Why did he do that? Could it be something she’s done wrong in the past? Is there any other reason? Or he is just simply a jerk? Well if then the girl found out for the last reason, then what is she waiting for. Just breaking up with him. Hahaha.

Within the development of technology, communication between strangers is allowed now. Facebook is one of it, and this kind of thing is not the only thing happen nowadays. In some extreme cases, Facebook not only causes cheating or unfaithfulness of partners, but also crimes such as hacking, kidnaping, raping, murdering, and others. Well, there’s always the good side and bad side of social media. Just beware, take a good care, and be faithful with your partners. 🙂

FYI, I still use Facebook my self. So I’m not skeptics, I just make a conclusion and hope less people would do the same mistakes like that, hehe. Cheers!

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Posted by on November 30, 2011 in Just Saying, Life, Romance, Technology & Gadget


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