The Story Behind My A.K.A Name

30 Nov

Why do I use the name “deravn” as my username?

Well, here is why.
Usually I use “deanaiborhu” as my username, simply because it is my real name and seldom people use it (or almost no one?), so then I will easily make an account anywhere I want and it is also easy to remember. But lately, I prefer to use “deravn” as my alter ego in cyber world. Actually, it is also my name, haha. Here is how it is formed :

Dea (my name) –> Dera (how my friends call me, formed by my name and my middle name)
V –> My second middle name’s first letter
N –> My family name’s first letter

So then, if I combine all of these things…….eng-ing-eng, DERAVN!!
Hahaha, such an unimportant thing is this post, isn’t it?

Sorry for wasting your time. Ciao! :p

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Posted by on November 30, 2011 in Just Saying


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