Gianni’s Café

05 Dec

Location : Jl. Cihampelas No. 205, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia.

Gianni's menu book

This place has its own memories, right at the corner on the second story. The taste, the smell, the atmosphere, I still can remember it. 🙂

Something about this corner

This place is located near the main road Cihampelas, so it’s kind of noisy here. But at night, this place actually has a good view of vehicles passing through. The light, the buzz of car’s machine, the air of chill breeze. Can be one of my favorite place to spend some leisure times.

Gianni’s serves beers (Erdinger too!) wine, mocktails and cocktails. Mostly the dishes in here are well-prepared : the tender meat, tasty soup, crispy french fries, delight pasta’s cream sauce, etc. Though the price is not really suitable for student, but spending time in here really is worth it.

The bars of the making

They have two stories, and on the second story there are two areas, the one as the ordinary dining table and the one without chairs (so you sit on the floor) with full of pillows and wood floor. I really love the last one corner, because it is also near with the power connection. The decoration is really cozy, but the songs selection is really random, sometimes they play house music, then longue music. And the cool part is the pretty reliable speed of internet connection with their Wi-fi.

Gianni's 2nd story

Their service is OK. Oh, there’s also a bell hanging above the table on the second story to call for the waiter. The bell is kind of antique, resemble the decoration in there. Their restroom is also clean and well. Overall of the place, the food and the service meets the requirement, except for the price that makes me can’t go there often.

Here’s some of the menu I and my friends ordered (the prices are excluded of 10% tax) :
• Alfredo Ravioli IDR 35,000.00

Alfredo Sauce Ravioli

• Bianca’s Burger & Fries IDR 29,000.00

Bianca's Burger & Fries

• Yellow Paradise IDR 19,000.00
• Orange Squash IDR 12,000.00

Yellow Paradise & Orange Squash

• Camomile Tea IDR 15,000.00
• Milanese Ravioli IDR 35,000.00

Milanese Sauce Ravioli

• GianNys Tounge IDR 45,000.00

GianNys Tounge

• Sop Buntut Bakar Gianni’s IDR 39,000.00

Sop Buntut Bakar Gianni's

• Hot Lemon Tea IDR 10,000.00
• Exotic Fruit Tea IDR 15,000.00

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