Reading Lights

05 Dec

This is one of my favorite place in Bandung.

Location : Jl. Siliwangi No.16, Bandung

The concept of this place is actually a second-hand books library of foreign books (in English, Italian, Dutch, etc.), but also served some drinks and meals for their guests.

First, I’d like to introduce about the library. This place provides various kind of books, fiction on the first story, and non-ficiton on the second stroy. Fiction books consists of drama, thriller, mystery, poetry, etc. Non-fiction consists of history, encyclopedia, biography, etc. And they also have kids corner which provides some children’s books and board games.

Kids Corner

The stair to second story

What’s interesting in here is you can read the books there, be a member and borrow it home, or even buy the books. Actually, at the beginning of this place was build is because there was a woman who really loved books and wanted to share her books with others. She had a philosophy, “A book has its own journey“. That’s why she wanted that every books that she had read could spread the same story to many other people out there. We can also sell or donate our old books in here, if we have the same philosophy with her. 😀

Second, about the place and facilities. This place has several corner of tables and sofas. We can choose which one we prefer, as long there’s no one using it. Oh, and there’s another room in the back which I and my friends usually use to do our group assignments. They also provides electricity connection in case we would like to use laptop or any other needs. The room is provided with air condition, so we need no worry for the heat outside, hehe. And the most important thing is they provide Wi-fi connection for internet access. 😀

The entrance is on the right

The other thing that’s interesting about this place is they provide knitting course and stuffs. I once wanted to learn knitting here, but unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to meet the instructor, so I bought the stuffs for knitting and learned it by myself instead. If I’m not wrong, they have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, I don’t remember. Just go there and ask them if you want to know more about this.

Some knitted scarfs display

The third is about the café itself. They serve coffees, teas, sandwiches, potatoes, and other snacks. The price is OK. One-time, I ordered a flavored tea and they served it in a really huge mug. Their sandwich’s also delicious and served in a pretty considerably portion for its price. Last time I ordered Caramel Machiato, and it was yummy. :9

Caramel Machiato with a heart on it

Reading Lights is really one of my favorite place to spend my time!
Hope you enjoy it too 😀

For more information, please open their official website here :
Reading Lights

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