Inequality Between Students and Lecturer

09 Dec

Some of these past few days, I found some not really entertaining stories about how lecturer can do bad things that brings not even a single amend for students, in opposite it’s just wasting our time (me as a student).

On last week, my senior had experienced a bad thing about this topic. So, on the last week of this semester’s term, his lecturer told that there wouldn’t be any final exam for his subject. But just in a few days later, suddenly he declared that there would be a final exam, and it was held in a sooner. Without a maximum preparation, thus my senior had to do SKS (one night preparation) and have less sleep.

Today, in exact NOW, I’m supposed to have a final exam for my Industrial Enterprise Organisation & Management. It’s supposed to be held at 1 pm, but up until now (2 pm), my lecturer hasn’t come yet. Well I don’t know when she’s going to come. And this is really sucks.

I don’t know if there’s any difference in hierarchy between students and lecturer, but this is really unfair. When students are late, the lecturer can protest and even give some punishment or scold them. But when he or she does it, we can’t say anything except trying to give an impression of that on our end-of-term-questionnaire, and I don’t think we actually can. Well, if I want to be arrogant, we students paid for our study. Even though how the curriculum’s done is up to the lecturer, but this thing, is really not appropriate.

Well, finally there come the assitances, so I have to take the exam now. Ciao.


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2 responses to “Inequality Between Students and Lecturer

  1. colson

    December 10, 2011 at 1:33 pm

    Hope, well I take it, you passed your exam.

    As for the lecturer I of course don’t know whether she is good or lousy at her job, but on this occasion she really was sub-standard in as far as punctuality and reliability are concerned. If this is a habit of hers, she deserves to be complained about. And be sanctioned by management. Because, it is just part of her job to set an good example – and this really was really pretty bad indeed.

  2. deravn

    December 21, 2011 at 3:40 am

    I agree with that. What she did back then was really wasting my time ’cause I still got many assignments to accomplish. Well, I hope I get a good score in this course for the payback :p


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