It’s Not A Proper Reason

07 Feb


I’ve just watched a movie “Chronicle” with my friends. On the late parts, the main character keeps on telling to himself “human is on the top of food chain, human is powerful” something like that. He gets this idea from the scene (which you might usually see on Discovery Channel) where lion chases the deer and there’s nothing wrong with that. Well, maybe he misses the thought of lion does it due to hunt for its food, not just for playing or showing its strength.

Once when I was little, I watched a movie “The Jungle Book”. On this movie, there’s a baby boy whom lost in a jungle and then raised by a female wolf (well, I don’t quite remember is it the right movie or something else). He was taught to act like wolf, growl like wolf, hunt like a wolf, and even be breast-feed’ed by the mama wolf. One day, he played with other wolf cubs, chased an animal. But accidentally, he killed it. Mama wolf found out, and punished him so hard. She was really angry and warned him to never play with his food. That’s how I remember the story from my childhood.

The thing is, even in animal’s world, they don’t play with weaklings. They don’t kill other animal just to show their strength or play with it. Even a full lion won’t hurt the mice walking on his body. They kill each other for a reason, a reasonable reason. That’s why when I watched this movie, I felt a little upset with the main character’s point of view. I knew he was bullied all the time that’s he felt like doing a little kind of revenge with his life, but it’s not a proper reason to do bad things to other living things. Umm, there’s no proper reason for doing bad things to others though. But well, the movie wouldn’t be interesting without a conflict. It’s just a movie, hahaha.

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