A Tribute To Music, and Mama

14 Feb

My mama once said,

“Never let music go off your life. Never stop listening to it. Never stop singing it. Never stop playing it. Because whenever you’re down, it helps you to get through this life.”

I understand well what my mama was saying that time.

My mama is the first person who introduces me to music. She has played piano since she was a little girl and sang like for her whole life. She could be an artist, if only my grandfather would let her. Unfortunately, my grandfather is really strict that he even didn’t allow her to be a lawyer, where Law is her major in university. So then she only can play it at home, where she can freely express her music.

Since I was a little, my mama has fed me, along with my brothers, with music. Every time I got back from school, I’d always meet my mama with her piano, playing and singing songs once I would never understand until I finally had them resound inside of my head. When I was in kindergarten, I joined choir group at my school. I joined another choir group at my church, and I even had classic piano courses for 6 years. I listened to Backstreet Boys and N’Sync, and thought Westlife was suck even when there’s nothing different between them. At sixth grade, I listened to Sheila on 7 (a famous pop band from Indonesia) and Blink 182. I became a big fan of punk rock such as Blink 182, GreenDay, New Found Glory, the coolest rapper I ever knew : EMINEM, and hahaha odd enough, System of The Down by the influence of my big brother. Funny thing is, I used these heavy South East America rock band’s songs as my lullaby, hahaha. Maybe it’s all because at my junior high school times, I was in a big struggling of my youth. Well, adolescence. I’ve grown up, and I listen to every kind of music now, and I’ve been becoming a victim of Hallyu (Korean’s entertainment wave), hahaha. I should admit it, some of their music is SUPER AWESOME, some people are just too good, and of course, their dramas are really something addictive. Well, that’s how everyday, I never let my ears miss even a single song.

Have you ever heard some said that a pregnant mom should listen to classic songs, so once the baby’s born, he/she has a stable emotion? Or if you want to learn something better, listen to classic songs while studying? Believe it or not, I guess those statements are right. When I was having my piano courses, I tried and learned so many piano sheets with a lot of notes on them. I though it was so hard, especially when the teacher demanded me to master a new complicated Chopin’s sheet in just a week, but then I realized, the longer I learned about these classic stuff, the more I got my ability to memorize more.

Music has saved my mind and heart since I was a little. It’s really hard for me to be mad at my friends, and I really couldn’t show it. So, the only way to solve it was to get those bad feelings disappeared, with music. I often got in a fight with my mom, but I had too high dignity to shed tears in front of her. Therefore I always directly run into my room, put my earphone really tight, and turned on a super loud music. Then after that, my anger would fade away, with music. I passed through a lot of heart-breaking moments in my high school where I was far from my home in boarding school and a really discipline school life. A lot of things happened, but I stayed still with that kind of life, as long as I have music. I was almost desperate when in the first three months of my 10th grade there was not allowed to use any music player devices. It suffocated me super! The biggest lonely feeling was in my first year of college where I suddenly had to live alone. It’s a big shock for me, and I was in my deepest desperate feelings. But thanks to my dear music, my super best friend of all time, I knew how to cheer myself.

In summary, I was born and raised with music. Apparently, music is still my savior at most of my lowest moments up until now. Thanks music for teaching me how to be tough. Thanks music for cheering me at my saddest moment. Thanks music for being my friend in my loneliness. Thanks music for showing me those beautiful harmonies. But most of all, thanks mama for introducing me the beauty of music, and of course, Jesus for creating music in this world.

Don’t let the music inside of you dies. 😀

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