6 Main Powers of Human

31 Mar

Hello, it’s been such a long time since my last post. I’ve been to busy to write, so here comes a chance today.

Today’s post is basically adapted from a post by Terselubung, but I’d like to share it with you people in my own words. Enjoy. 🙂

    1. The Power of Dreams
    To achieve great things in life, we must have dreams and clear purpose of life. We must be brave to dream good things for our life and the life of people we love. Without dreams, we might walk an aimless path, and lose our vision of life.
    The power of dreams invents most of sophisticated inventions nowadays. Imagine if people never use their imagination, maybe we would never know what we call car or plane right now. So, can you imagine how great is the power of dreams?
    2. The Power of Focus
    Focus is a power to see something (including future, dreams, goals, or other things like strengths and weaknesses in self, opportunities, etc.) in a clear view and take action to achieve it. Like a pair of glasses that help one to see more clearly, the power of focus helps us to see our dreams, goals, and strengths more clearly, therefor we won’t hesitate in stepping in to make it happen.
    In some cases of us, it’s pretty hard to settle what we want to do in our life. I’ve seen it in some of my friends, and also in myself. The losing of our focus sometimes makes us bad in doing something. Like we want to do everything in one time and then it ends up we don’t finish anything at all. But look at people who use their power of focus. They do what they want and they’re great in it. It’s not only apply to people with good ability, but their focus on what they do that make them become great people.
    3. The Power of Self Discipline
    Repetition is a tremendous power to achieve excellence. We are what we do repetitively. According to Aristoteles, excellence is a habit. Habit is built from a consistent self discipline and constantly perform an act that brings in a person’s crowning achievement. Our habit determine our future. To build such as habit, we need a strong self discipline. In fact, self discipline is how we defeat ourselves and control them to achieve our dreams and good things in life.
    An easiest example is when you on a diet. All you need to do to have a healthy diet is to have your low calories meals at punctual times, and have routine exercises. Do it with a strong self discipline, and I guarantee you’ll lose weight in a couple of months.
    4. The Power of Survival
    Every human is given the power to struggle through difficulties and pains. It’s precisely we are formed to be though God’s creation through those problems and failures. We often forget to learn how to face failures and difficulties in life because those failures themselves are the main components or ingredients in achieving success or abundant life.
    Have you seen the movie Cast Away? In that movie, Tom Hanks is playing as the stranded man who survive a plane crash. The only thing that makes him survive struggling alone on that island is his power of survival. Just like in that movie, with the power of survival, we can believe that we can be a strong and though people even though great problems impede our life.
    5. The Power of Learning
    With learning, we can encounter and make changes in our life. With learning, we can grow up day by day and become a better human. Learning is a life-time process. By continuing to learn in this life, we can improve our living standards at the higher levels.
    This one is a nature power we have since childhood. We learn how to speak, walk, read, write, eat, etc. As we’re grown up, we learn things in school. We learn how to communicate to others, how to manage our life, how to make things working, etc. When we become parents, we learn how to build a family, how to raise children, how to be good parents, etc. Then as elders, we learn how to make the rest of your live meaningful and peace. Learning is not ended as the school’s over. We will always learn for the rest of our life.
    6. The Power of Mind
    Mind is the greatest and the most beautiful gift from God. With understanding the way of works and how to utilize the power of mind, we can create great things for our life. With training and improving our power of mind, not only our intelligence and creativity, but also our emotional and spiritual intelligence are growing and increasing to a higher level. Every one of us has right to have power in achieving abundant life and good things in life. All of these are the products of our consciously choice, based on our beliefs, and not the products of our past or present existences. As stated by Jack Canfield in his book “The Power of Focus”, life doesn’t just happen to us. Life is a series of options and how we respond on every situation occurred to us.
    The only one who can control our mind is ourselves. The power of mind has a great ability to manipulate the mind itself. Imagine you are in one condition where you have to cross a cliff with a fragile old wooden bridge. The bridge might be looked creepy like it could break while you crossing on it. But then you think of the bridge as a wide road, so then you can past the bridge without any hesitation. One turnover of mind can change something.

So that’s the 6 main powers of human. Have you find them in your life? Believe in every power you have in you,therefore you won’t hesitate to achieve good things in your life. 🙂


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2 responses to “6 Main Powers of Human

  1. bhellabhello

    June 30, 2012 at 6:17 am

    postingannnya bagus der. bkn semangat ow yeah

    • deravn

      July 25, 2012 at 1:13 am

      pastinya Bhel,hohoho..smangat!! 😀


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