M.I.N.O.P (Money is Not Our Problem), really?

03 Apr

This is just a little bit of my feeling about some people mostly say about me. Sorry if it looks too personal. Hehe. :p

I’ve known as an easy-going person. Yeah, literally “easy-going”. If my friend asked me to watch movie together, I’d almost always go, either I like the movie or not. If my friend asked me to eat somewhere, I’d almost always go, either it’s expensive or cheap. If my friend asked me to take a trip together, I’d almost always say yes, and I could go one to another place like within a short span time. In essence, I’m literally “easy-going”.

Thanks God I live in a little bit well-off family, well at least for now, so I still can accommodate my kind of lifestyle. I still can afford a good food, some nice gadgets, a good environment, and some nice entertainments in my own opinion. Well, it’s true that I’m a little bit spoiled by the amount I have with myself, but actually, I don’t really like to depend on my parents’ wealth. It’s true that my parents accommodate mostly of my living cost, and some of my savings, still until now. But I really did gather all the pennies I’ve got and manage them so I can save some for something I might want to spent with, someday when a nice opportunity comes.

The one thing that I love is traveling. I often do it if there’s an opportunity. But as I grow up, I only travel seldom. I don’t actually ask for my parents’ money when I want to go somewhere. Most of the time I travelled, I collected my saving and used it. Only one this last time when I traveled to Singapore I got some from my parents. Maybe because it’s the first time I went aboard, they got a little bit worry. Still I paid the flight tickets by myself.

However, actually, I like what people said about me being an easy-going person. I mean, may I make it as a conclusion that people might feel ease when they want to go out with me? Thanks, I might take it as a compliment. 🙂
But, just something I feel a little bit awkward. I know, it might be looked everything’s going so easy for me. Like, if I want to go somewhere then I just go. Too easy, too quick, even without any hesitation or consideration. But, I don’t think people really understand the way I’m thinking why I can be that easy. I know, I can’t force anyone to understand me. It just, I just want to write this, ok?

The thing is, I do save my money. I have my saving every month. A little surplus of my monthly fees, I keep it in another account. I’ve done this since my first year up ’til now. And it’s growing more each time, but I don’t really have something to spend it with. And I always save some for something I want to do in the future. Something when there comes an opportunity, a chance. And sometimes, those chances come too adjacent. So, it’s not that I don’t have any consideration or only go with the flow. I know how to acknowledge when those chances are and they just come like that. And I do prepare a budget for every travel I go. So please, I would not like to be judge that I’m a careless person about money. I just do what I like and I want, I make decisions base on it, and I do the consideration, really. You just won’t understand how I do it. 🙂

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