L’arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 Concert in Jakarta

05 May

L’Arc~en~Ciel (“The Rainbow” in French) is a Japanese rock band that founded in 1991 in Osaka. They are consisted of 4 persons :

    HIDE (Takarai Hideto 寶井 秀人) : lead vocals, occasional guitars

    source : RollingStones Indonesia

    TETSU (Ogawa Tetsuya 小川哲也) : bass, backing vocals

    source : RollingStones Indonesia

    KEN (Kitamura Ken 北村健) : guitars, backing vocals

    source : RollingStones Indonesia

    YUKIHIRO (Awaji Yukihiro 淡路幸宏) : drums, percussion

    source : RollingStones Indonesia

On their 20 L’anniversary, they have a world tour to Hong Kong (March 3), Bangkok (March 7), Shanghai (March 10), Taipei (March 17), New York (March 25), London (April 11), Paris (April 14), Singapore (April 28), Jakarta (May 2), Seoul (May 5), Yokohama (May 12-13), Osaka (May 19-20), Tokyo (May 26-27), and Honolulu (May 31).

First of all, thanks God I got a chance to watch their live performance in Jakarta on May 2, 2012. It’s been 8 years since the first time I was captivated by their single, Jiyuu e No Shotai. I was still a 8th grade student and my childhood was full of anime and cartoons. I watch their MV on Animax, an anime channel on my cable TV. I was fell in love at first sight with that MV, how the song was really energetic and the MV fitted well with the music. I still can remember when I heard a slightly sound of that song, I would run from my room to in front of TV just to watch it again and again, and it happened continuously every time I got the chance. It was the first Japanese band I know and love. I bought most of their cassettes (at that time, we listened to music with walkman, cassette’s player) in Indonesia that I could find. I listened to their songs most of the times. I even took Japanese course just so I could swanky try to understand their songs’ lyrics. Hahaha, what a kid. They’re my childhood heroes. 🙂

I knew that they would come to Jakarta a while ago on January 26, 2012, where I saw my friend’s status on FB saying, “Laruku fix ke indonesia 2 mei! Tgl tggu harga tiket…. (Laruku is going to Indonesia on May 2, and it’s fix! Just have to wait for the ticket price….)”. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Was it true what I saw? They would really come here? This wasn’t joking, right? OMG, OMG, I was speechless. I COULD REALLY SEE THEM LIVE!

The next passing weeks, I heard a rumor that their ticket will be on sale soon. With a lot of struggle, I finally got my ticket and a friend of mine whom was going to watch Laruku together. It’s still on February, but I really couldn’t wait for May to come soon. Finally, after 8 years of awaiting, Laruku was really going to Indonesia. It surely was like a dream comes true, since the last time rumor’s saying they’re going to Indonesia and it was merely a gossip, and it happened when I was still in middle school. But finally, they really were going to come.

So time went fast. It’s May 1, and I was super excited for tomorrow. I got a little clumsy that I forgot to exchange the voucher with ticket. I was so afraid that everything I’ve been waiting for becoming a vain. I even sent an e-mail to if only I could exchange it at the venue. Well, I thought I overreacting, the exchanging could still be done until the moment before the concert began. Hahaha, to be honest, this was my first time watching a concert so I didn’t really understand what to prepare before. I was so embarrassed that I was doing such a thing, haha.

It’s May 2. I and my friends, were going to Jakarta from Bandung. We departed at around 9 am, and arrived at Senayan at 1 pm. Jakarta was so hot, but it seemed like not a matter for the people at the venue. They’re willing to line up a queue to buy Laruku’s official merchandise. Thank God, the ticket exchange line wasn’t that long that I got my ticket in less than 5 minutes. I was slightly thanks God that I didn’t exchange it the day before, it was a really long line they said. :p

Laruku’s World Tour 2012 Ticket 😀

I and my friend, Arif, had lunch first to gain some energy for the next event. We had lunch at Baso Lapangan Tembak Senayan, then Arif took his time for sholat. We cooled down awhile in the car, and at 2 pm we joined the line at Gate 1.

Gate 1

It was really crowded, I almost lost my breath in there. The heat of Jakarta surely was different from Bandung. At 4 pm, the gate was opened. The crowds were scrambling and thrusting to come in. Through gate 1 there was security checking, and we were not allowed to bring any food or drink, neither professional camera and any recording devices. The crowds were running ahead to be back on line in front of gate 2. Inside the gate 1 area, there were some food and beverage stalls, and also SPGs offering L.A. Lights cigarettes.

Gate 2

At 5.30 pm, gate 2 was opened. We walk in a rush towards the premium gate where we once again had to line up. The queue this time was for another security check. While I was waiting, I got a light sticks from someone who handed out freely. Good point that I didn’t buy any light stick. 😀

Light Saber!

Finally, at 6.15 pm we’re finally inside the area of performance. Well, it was still more than an hour until the concert began. It was so crowded that I felt like I was suffocated. I couldn’t breath well and the heat increased. The sky was already dark and threatened to rain. Grey clouds were already upon us like it would rain at any time. Even the lightning flashing too often, I was thought it would be rain soon. Drizzle fell off for awhile. The crew repeatedly opened and closed the cover of the screen because of it. Until at 5 minutes past 8 pm, the show began!

いばらの涙 Ibara No Namida” was played along they’re came up on stage. I barely couldn’t see them because there were too many taller people in front of me. I tried so hard to see them using the binocular I specially bring for this concert. It was so hard to see them, even for breathing. Therefore, after the second song “CHASE” and third song “GOOD LUCK MY WAY“, I and Arif decided to move outside the crowds. Wuah, the view from the back side was way much better, you know. I could see the screen clearly, and with my binocular, I could see each and every faces of them clearly.

I still couldn’t believe my eyes. It’s really them, they’re really here in front of my eyes. That day, after a long waiting of 8 years dreams, I could finally see them LIVE! Fortunately I brought this binocular with me. I could enjoy seeing Tetsu’s face. Tetsu was the man of my childhood dreams. I remember back then when I was still in middle school, I dreamt a lot about meeting Tetsu and watching his live performances. Finally, my praying’s answered and I could really see him.

After the third song, Hyde greeted the audience in Bahasa Indonesia. “Halo Jakarta. Kami L’arc-en-Ciel. Kamu senang bertemu aku? Aku juga (Hallo Jakarta. We’re L’ar~en~Ciel. Do you like to meet me? Me too),” he said. He used a cheat sheet and spoke with stutter voice. It was really nice to see him trying to greet us with our language. I really felt his appreciation towards the audience where he held concert. Then he continued the concert with “Honey“. Waw, my favorite song! We sing along as I could see the live performance of Tetsu’s bass playing. This song’s bass playing was the best I ever heard.

DRINK IT DOWN” was played, and it looked like Ken already lit a cigarette. I really loved the way he played his guitar with that cigarette on his mouth, it looked sexy. Then it’s time for Yukihiro to interact with the audience. He played “REVELATION” intro part. As he beat his drums, the audience shouted “OOII!!”.

The next song was “瞳の住人 Hitomi No Juunin“. Wow, another favorite song. Tetsu, Hyde, and Ken sat down near Yukihiro’s drum. I guess it’s time to relax for awhile. The most favorite part of this song is Hyde’s falsetto on last chorus. I couldn’t believe he still could do it in such an age. He’s already over 40 years old, FYI. Oh my, I fell in love with that voice.

It was followed with “XXX” where the audience made X sign with their light sticks. “Fate” was played next, and then “Forbidden Lover“. Hyde was crying while he was singing the “Forbidden Lover”. The song said about the unforgettable memories of forbidden lover. The translation of this song might be sounded like this :

Ah, towards the dark frozen sea
Swallowed by a wave of ever-flowing history

At any time now the curtain will rise
The conflict brought along by the fleeting dream will start a flame

Someday, the heart I’ve lost sight of
Commits the long forgotten sin once again
Bringing up faults, with that blood-stained love, I’ll build a paradise from the rubble

forbidden lover…… faint memories
Even if I hold them together tightly the colors won’t line up
I secretly pledge with my breath
The trick of never being able to predict when this sweet love will end

Being surrounding by flames
In this boat falling to shambles I hold onto dear life
Scared eyes look up to heaven, shouting the name of god

This heart flies high up to the sky, higher than the whirpool of nightmares
Released from these thoughts of you, releasing the brightness to a distant land
In a new country, in the days soon to come
I wonder if we’ll still continue on the same path…

forbidden lover…….

source :

Maybe it was based on true event Hyde experienced, I didn’t quiet understand. Then it was continued with “MY HEART DRAWS A DREAM

This time was Ken’s time to speak. He read a text saying that he was going to Pasaraya to buy some Indonesian’s souvenir and he played some acts with Hyde. He pulled out Wayang, Gamelan, and Suling made of bamboo from the plastic bag. Ken showed off the Wayang and the audience shouted excitedly. Ken played the Gamelan and Hyde gave his effort to play the Suling. It was really funny to see them acting like that. Mostly, Ken’s voice was extremely shrill, especially when he said “Mantap! Ma-ntap! Ma ma-ntap! Mamamamamamamama….” Hahahahaha, it’s so funny.

Hyde and Ken looked like boys playing with those Gamelan and Suling. source :

SEVENTH HEAVEN” and “Driver’s High” were the next song they played. When they played “Driver’s High”, I suddenly remembered anime titled “GTO (Great Teacher Onizuka)”. The childhood’s memories suddenly flashed back, and I couldn’t help myself but to sing along with everyone in the crowds. The heat amongst the audience was increased again.

STAY AWAY” was played on stage. After that “READY STEADY GO” successfully made the crowds jumped into the beat. What I loved from their performance was the multimedia effects they used on the background screen. I thought they used some 3D technology to create such lively effects like the galaxy, disco ball, butterfly, etc. It was too amazing!

The band took a rest for awhile, and the drizzle started to fall again. As the drizzle fell, the screen showed “あなた Anata” song’s lyrics.

Mune ni itsu no hi ni mo kagayaku.
Anata ga iru kara.
Namida kare hatete mo taisetsu na.
Anata ga iru kara

In my heart from someday on it will shine.
Because you are here.
Even until all of my tears dry, so precious.
Because you are here.

Automatically, the audience sang a long as the ambience was really matched this song. I didn’t know if it was a coincidence or what that the rain was pouring down on time. But with this drizzle and “Anata” playing, my heart was surely moving.

Then was played another long-awaited song “The Fourth Avenue Cafe“. It was the original sound track of famous anime, “Samurai X”. Everyone on the yard were jumping to the beat and singing along. Hyde was strolling around the stage, he was so energetic in such an age.

It’s Tetsu’s time to interact with the audience. Here it came, the bananas joke! “Gue-punya-pisang. Apakah kamu mau pisang? (I have a banana. Do you want banana?)” he said. “Mauuuuuu!! (Yes!)” the crowds shouted. “Apakah kamu mau pisang gue? (Do you want my banana?)” Tetsu said. Suddenly a laughter exploded from the audience. Maybe he didn’t understand that saying such things would make misinterpretation amongst most people, haha. FYI, a word “pisang” in Indonesia would refer to “mr.p”, hahaha. That’s why the audience laughed for what he was saying. Then he continuous said “Atau kamu mau jilat lolipop gue? (Or do you want to lick my lollipop?)”. Well, there’s no need for another explanation right? :p

After that a little bit dirty jokes from Tetsu, “Link” was played on stage. Then Hyde was MC-ing again, saying that the next song would be their last song. He said “Terima kasih Jakarta. Kami (akan) datang lagi ke Indonesia. (Thank you, Jakarta. Will come here again.)” The audience shouted happily. I wished he meant it. I would like to watch their performance once again as well.

The last song was “虹 Niji“. After singing this song, Hyde said goodbye. Tetsu did another acts and threw his bananas and lollipops. Ken handed-out his guitar pick. What a lucky person to have Ken’s pick. Then they were off from stage.

I couldn’t explain more about my feelings. AMAZING! すごい, とても すごい!! My childhood’s heroes really made my day. My dream had come true. I was really satisfied with 2 hours of seeing Tetsu’s face, his bass collections, and amazing performances. I really loved Hyde’s beautiful appearance as well as his voice. I was amazed by Ken’s guitar playing, and of course his shrilly voice, haha. I liked the new hair cut of Yuki, he looked a lot more charming with this hair style. I loved L’arc~en~Ciel’s live performance! It was super amazing! I was really thankful for you guys to come here to Indonesia. I couldn’t be more grateful for this chance to see you guys after 8 years long-awaited moment.

Thank you for everything. I’ll be waiting for the next performance in Indonesia.
マッタね~ \(^o^)/


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