Bye Bye my Red baby iPad :'(

25 Jul

I was supposed to write about my journey to Bangkok-Phuket-Singapore or my graduation day, after a very long time since my last post, but my heart got distracted by the accident I experienced. Yeah, my dear iPad’s gone. 😥


This is my first time losing my gadget. I never once ever in my life losing my gadgets, because mostly of them were bought with my own savings. So was my iPad.


I bought this iPad after I got my payment for a project. I could say, this was my very first salary. I asked my friend who went to Singapore if there’s a stock that I could buy, but all of them were sold. Then I’d to wait for a month and also made a booking at a store, so then I wouldn’t run out of stock when they came to Indonesia. There finally, on August 8th, 2012, I got my first expensive mobile gadget with my own savings. That was another big glorious time of my life, having myself another things on my own. :’)


I know I was stubborn. I’m not supposed to bring it with my bare hand. I’m supposed to just use my bigger bag instead to carry it. And it’s my own fault. I’m sorry, my dear iPad. You’ve accompanied me all this time even until my last travel, and I neglected you so recklessly. I’ll miss you. I hope you’ll find a good care from your next owner. Au revoir, sayounara, goodbye. 😥

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