Dozen’s Trip – day 1: Bangkok, Suvarnabhumi Airport

08 Aug

July 14th, 2012 was my graduation day. Finally, :’)
Months ago, I and my friends made a plan for another trip together to Thailand, right after the graduation day. We could say that this trip was our motivation to be graduated on July 2012, so we wouldn’t have any burden left during our trip. Thanks God, I and some of us made it 🙂 and the others maybe supposed to postpone it until the next term. Fighting, my friends! 😀 Well anyways, we still on the first plan since we’ve already bought the ticket. Then here’s where the story begins.

It’s July 15th, not even a day after my graduation day. I still felt exhausted because I only got an hour of sleep before the graduation ceremony. The hotel where I stayed was too noisy, and it was my first day period, so it was painful. I planned to troop off at 9 a.m, but due to some business, I could finally made it at 12 p.m. This was a big problem because commonly it takes around 4 hours to get to the Soekarno-Hatta Airport from Bandung, and my flight was at 5 p.m, which meant I had to be there at least at 3 p.m for check in. Thanks to my super Mom, we finally made it there in only 2 hours, wew. My adrenaline was rushing all along the trip, the speed of the car I was riding pointed at 120-140 kms/h. -___- It was a bless we still arrived safely. :p

The plane took off right on time, and it took 4 hours until we got to Suvarnabhumi Airport. It was supposed to be 3.5 hours trip, but due to traffic on the airport, we were stuck on air. We spent our flight with sleeping, playing cards, and learning some Thai like how to say Thank You, Hello, and I Don’t Speak Thai-cause the book told us Indonesian is usually mistaken as Thai. We got our baggages and past through immigration. We had a little problem with the officers’ English that we weren’t clearly understood what they’re trying to say, not to mention the accent of their English. :))

Because we’re going to stay in Thailand for 6 days, we decided to buy sim cards so we could communicate each other (we’re a dozen, so it would be troublesome if we’re separated). We took CityLink train to our hotel, Nasa Vegas, which surprisingly really close to Ramkamhaeng Station. The hotel was a big hotel, but seemed a little bit ancient. The room kinda gloomy and mysterious, but well, we got it pretty cheap B450 for 2 nights. Plus, next to our hotel there was a family mart, our stomaches’ saviour for breakfast/lunch/dinner :’) This family mart really saved our expense.

waiting for Ramkamhaeng station

our savior :’)

So that’s all for our first day. We had to save our energy for the next extremely overheated days in Bangkok, fiuh. See you on the next post about the rest of the days. 😀

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