Having University Degree

31 Oct

Currently, I am taking an English Academic Writing class to escalate my writing skills. I have an assignment to write about a topic, and give the opposite ideas about it in a paragraph. I am going to write my assignment here, so if anyone willing to give some inputs, I will really appreciate it. 🙂

One achievement in our live is having a university degree. However, there are different states between having one and not. The first good thing is having a university degree means you have finished all of the college’s stuffs which took a lot of efforts. As you are graduated, you have accomplished your parents demand and hope, so you have fulfilled the moral burden you were carrying for your parents. Furthermore, since you were graduated, you are edible to live on your own foot. All in all, having a university degree is a license of being an adult. Nevertheless, there are some things that, in my opinion, I would hate to have after being graduated. Being an adult means you have to be responsible for everything you have done. It is different with being a student when compromises were given upon mistakes. Moreover, even though the demand of graduated has been accomplished, there will be a lot more demand coming afterwards. Questions like “Where do you work now” or “When will you get married” are sometimes depressing. In fact of having more pressures, you have to survive in this cruel world. To sum up, having a university degree makes you a real adult, and gives you freedom to choose your own will. On the other hand, it gives you more responsibilities and pressures.

In my opinion, I have made mistakes in stating “However, there are different states between having one and not” because I have just realized that I was talking about the advantages and disadvantages on having university degree. It was already in the state of having one. Also, my peer said I used too many transitional signals, but I thought I just used too many explanations or “too long”-time order. Moreover, I was not quite confident with the plural and singular uses in nouns.

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