Christmas Happens Every Year

24 Dec

I always thought that I would die young, so if I am still alive right now, there must be a purpose I have got to fulfill. God gives purpose in every human, despite the people becomes good or bad. I always believe every purpose has well deed in life, that every purpose leads to a better life. No matter how hard, awful, fierce, and unfair the purpose is, it must be for a fine matter. I am destined for that, and as God’s creature, it is my role to do the purpose. I never think of it as a blind-belief, it keeps me alive. It breaks my heart into grain dust, it turns my mind into pitch black, it throws my soul into the deepest despair, but it gives me strength. Not to go through it, not to forget it, but to accept it as what should be done. It is not a submission, it is a survival. You see, life is not that easy, so you have to always keep your sanity. Not with a logical way, because sometimes, things are just too irrelevant and irrational. Not with an emotional way, because sometimes, things are just too sore and tormenting. There for me, I simply keep doing what I can do, as what I thought I should do. If it is right, it means life being a friend of me. But if it is wrong, I know I have another purpose to fulfill.

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Posted by on December 24, 2012 in Just Saying, Life


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