Making Visa for Korea Trip

05 Jan

Happy new year!

This will be my first post for year 2013. 😀

By the end of this January, I will have my first trip for this year. I am planning to go to Korea, and a visa is required. I never had experienced making a visa before, so this is my first time. Therefore, I browsed on Google about how to make a Korean visa in Indonesia. There were several type of visa by its purpose and time. I looked up for the list and chose single visa for vacation and family visit (C-3-2). Then I checked the documents needed for my visa registration which were:

1. Visa request form (which I can download its PDF file from Korean Embassy’s site).

2. Portrait photo sized 3.5×4.5 cm.

3. Copy of ID card (Indonesian: KTP).

4. Copy of Passport, including pages where stamps of another countries I had visit were.

5. Copy of Family card (Indonesian: Kartu Keluarga).

6. Copy of financial provenance, for me I made a copy of my bank account last 3 months balance.

7. Copy of Student card (Indonesian: KTM).

8. Letter of invitation, from the family in Korea as my guarantor during the visit.

9. Letter of allowance from my parents, just in case it was needed because as student I was not going to depart with my parents.

After completing the documents, I went to The Korean Embassy Consular Section Office at The Plaza Office Tower 30th floor, Jalan H.M. Thamrin kav 28-30, Central Jakarta. It was located at Bundaran HI near Plaza Indonesia. There I parked my car on basement (P2), and the entrance was from Plaza Indonesia near Kitchenette. The guard checked my bag on the gate. Then I walked to the reception desk. The receptionist asked for my ID card and took a picture of my face. After that, he gave me a guest card to enter the gate strived to the elevator. There was a place where I have to tap my card before using the elevator. It showed which lift I should use and directly inputed the floor number where my destination was.

The office was quite small and it felt like a drug store. Maybe it were because of the gang-chairs and the lockets. At the front door, I asked the security how to do visa registration. He told me to take a queue number and gave me a request form (I had to take a new one because I accidentally filled an error on the one I had printed -_-). I filled the form and waited to be called. My number was called. I gave all of the documents, but I did not bring a copy of Family card. Because of that, I had to go downstairs and looked for Office 2000 store inside the mall. They said they had a copy machine. Well, it was a little bit pricy for a thousand Rupiahs per sheet, but I was in needed. After I copied the family card, I went back upstairs and took a new queue number. I waited and called once again, and this time the process went well. I paid for a single visa for IDR 288,000 (now it cost IDR 297,000 since 2013) and I got the withdrawal note. Finally, I went downstairs again and signed out at the receptionist.

It took 5 days long because of New Year’s holidays. I went for my visa withdrawal at the afternoon. Oh, that’s right. The office was opened from 9AM to 12PM for visa registration and 2PM until 4:30PM for visa withdrawal. I brought my withdrawal note to the locket, and then I sit on the gang-chairs, waited to be called. Just a moment my name was called. It went quicker than I thought. I checked again for my visa just to make sure everything written correctly. Sooooo, this is my first visa! 😀


The next thing I need to do now is making a plan for Seoul on winter. Any recommendation?


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2 responses to “Making Visa for Korea Trip

  1. Russ

    August 23, 2013 at 4:17 pm

    Hello. My friend will be visiting Korea this year, and will apply for visa. What is the minimum balance they should have in bank account? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • deravn

      August 23, 2013 at 5:23 pm

      Hello, Russ. From my experience, for tourist visa there is no minimum balance required in your bank account. They just need the copy of your bank account last 3 months print and a reccomendation letter from the bank that states you are a trusted customer. However, just to be sure, maybe you can leave a sufficient amount that will convince them you’re going to survive during your trip there. Hehe.


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