Merry-Go-Round of Life – Howl’s Moving Castle

27 Mar

I was trying to sleep when a sudden urge to write emerge of this weird event.

Today I was watching an anime Howl’s Moving Castle. It was a brilliant fiction film as usual made by Studio Ghibli. The story was about a girl who was casted a spell that she turned into a grandma. She met this male wizard living in a moving castle and stayed as the cleaning lady at that castle. She hoped that the wizard would uncast the spell but she ended up falling in love. The wizard was the kingdom’s mainstay in a war but then he found his true love that he wanted to protect the most. It was a really good movie and I loved it.

After watching the movie, I decided to search for its soundtrack. I was immersed by the music of Ghibli’s works. It always has that same color. It was the source of those imaginations every time I watch their films, the fantasy feelings of their world. Then, I finally got a whole album of Howl’s Moving Castle OST.

I planned to use it as a lullaby because I really love its sweet sound. The sky was raining, it was perfect. But then the strange thing began.

Mainly of the songs from this album have same particular bars of peculiarly sweet vivid notes. If you listen to the first song, Merry-Go-Round of Life, you’ll find those same notes repeated in some other tracks with or without modification.

I found this part was the icon of this film’s soundtrack. I found it beautifully composed and my ears were tingling all the time. The more I listened carefully to that part, I found it more and more vivid in my mind, and my heart started beating faster as if I listened to a beautiful piece. But then it’s starting to hurt that my body shivered and I felt like vomiting. I felt a really vigorous emotion from that notes. It was really perplexing. So strong that tears running from my eyes as if I was in that song. I’ll tell you once again that it was a simple elegant set of notes, yet the tone was so deeply ingrained and ripping my soul. I was amazed, this is the first time I felt so intensely immersed in such an emotional song. I should say this is an odd occasion and I just feel like I should write this.

P.S: I wasn’t exaggerating, that’s just what was really happening back there.

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