Arsanesia is a mobile games developer start-up from Indonesia. Arsanesia was derived from Sansekerta word of Arsa (pleasure and excitement) and Greek word of Nesos (islands). They named their team after Arsanesia as they believe it defines their team vision and values upon which they are aiming, to be the largest digital entertainment company in preserving and introducing Indonesian culture to the world.

To know more about Arsanesia, you can open their official website at or follow their twitter @arsanesia.

These are some of their games :


Nokia Symbian series

Gamelan Player is a music simulator mobile application that gives us a huge experience to play and learn about Indonesian traditional music. We will have an opportunity to try gamelan in easy and fun way because gamelan instruments usually have a big size and rarely to be found everywhere on our daily life. With Gamelan Player we can have a set of gamelan instruments and play it in your hand.

    2. SI PITUNG

Nokia Symbian series

Si Pitung is Indonesian superhero character from Betawi (Jakarta). He always protect his hometown from bad people. Defeating all the bad guys using our brain and speed of hand. Each time you touch a bad guys, there will be a question to answer. After you answer correctly, the bad guys will be defeated. Make a great score to go to the next level.


Nokia Symbian series

Temple Rush : The Legend of Prambanan Temple, is a mobile-game based on Indonesian folklore of Prambanan Temple, a masterpiece of Indonesian culture in the 10th century. Based on the legend those temples were built with help from magical genies. Are you ready to replay the legend of Prambanan and build 1000 temples in your mobile phone?


Nokia S-40 series

The world is in danger! A mystical gate from the underworld has been opened, our lands are now schorched by ghost, demons and “pocongs” who want take over the world. Fortunately we still have “wago” the magical animals that could fight them back. Help them as the last defense of earth and become the warrior who could save our world! Fight!


Nokia Symbian and S-40 series

Indonesia, Year of 1936. The story tell about a lady in Indonesia planting seed of holy tree. Now, The lady already has children and grandchildren and continue advise to save the holy tree. However, a caterpillar outbreak hit several places in Indonesia, including the holy tree. In this game, You’ll act as a grandchildreen. Your job is saving the holy tree from the bugs and caterpillars attack.

S-40 series download link :


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